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Exchange Total User Connections Value is Showing Inconsistent High Value

When analyzing an Exchange 2013 Server, the user connections statistics that are available in the GSX Monitor Statistics or Graphs section may display a very high value.

This article describes how a corrupted Performance Counter can affect multiple statistics, how to identify when it happened and what the best actions are to restore the counter to the correct value.

GSX Monitor 10.7+ | Exchange 2013


  • Exchange Statistics OWA Current Unique Users > 2147483650.  

How to Troubleshoot the Issue

To track the history of scans, you can use the Graphs view in GSX Monitor to determine when the value became corrupted.

  1. From GSX Monitor, select the Graphs view.
  2. Open Exchange - Total User Connections
  3. Right-click on the relevant server graph and select Details - Selected statistic for this server only
  4. You can scroll through this scan history to determine the first time the Performance counter became corrupted.  

It is worth investigating if anything happened on the date the value changed. This could be related to a Windows update, or any other updates that require an operating system restart.

Possible Workaround

After trying to troubleshoot the issue in several customer environments, we determined that the operations below can return the Performance Counter to a normal value. Either option can resolve the issue.

  • Restarting the Exchange Server.
  • Restarting the IIS Processes (see this Help Center article for details).

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