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IBM DB2 Schema: Traveler User Database cannot be Scanned

This article describes how to solve an issue when configuring an IBM DB2 SQL server in a Traveler High Availability Pool.

When a custom login is used, it must match a valid DB2 schema with access to the user tables. Below we look at the database configuration details in the Traveler Pool SQL Database settings.

GSX Monitor 10.7.x and above | Traveler 9+ HA | IBM DB2


  • SQL Database Error: 
  • Traveler User Database cannot be scanned on:
    Error while opening database: 

How to Solve the Issue

In a standard configuration, the root admin account would be using the root schema that was created when the DB2 server was installed. Sometimes a custom installation will not include any root admin accounts. They may have been removed for security purpose, or they were never included.

What we need to do is make sure the user name matches the Schema name selected in the SQL configuration of the Traveler Pool.

  1. In GSX Monitor, open the Server Settings view.
  2. Select Traveler on the left, and locate the Pool Settings column in the main section.
  3. Click on the arrow in the Pool Settings to open the Traveler Pool Configuration document.
  4. Edit the Pool to open the settings wizard.
  5. From the Database tab, enter a DB2 Schema name that matches the Login used for the SQL Authentication field.
  6. The Test connection button will connect successfully without a schema, but it will not be able to retrieve the user tables during the scan.

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