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Server Status not Updating in Web Enabler

GSX Monitor has multiple sub-processes that scan different platforms such as Exchange, BlackBerry, Domino, etc. Each process has a specified timeout value that can be configured. If a process is restarted for exceeding a timeout, then the Web Enabler view may show an outdated or incorrect status.

This article describes how to change the default timeout values used for scanning, allowing the process to wait long enough to complete.

Web Enabler | GSX Monitor


  • Last Scan has a different time as the operating system clock. 
  • Servers that are down still display a green LED in Web Enabler view. 

How to Solve the Issue

Recommended for advanced users only.

GSX Monitor is using several different processes or executables that scan the various different platforms. Each process has its own timeout value that can be set to define the maximum time that GSX Monitor will wait for a reply before restarting the process.

The restarted process may cause issues with Web Enablers ability to display the current status.

For example, if the GSXDomino.exe process was restarted during a scan, the status for all Domino servers would not be updated in Web Enabler and would be displaying outdated scan information.

The length of time needed for each process to complete will depend on the number of servers it is scanning, the scan frequency, and network bandwidth. Adjust the timeout value to a suitable amount.

Setting Timeout preferences

  1. Launch GSX Monitor.
  2. Go to Preferences menu.
  3. Select Globals...
  4. Select Timeouts.
  1. Change the value for the scanning process related to the impacted platform.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Validate that a platform scan can complete within the new timeout period, else repeat this process to increase the timeout.

GSX Web Enabler now updates server status and LEDs.

Here are the default timeout values for monitored platforms: 


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