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How to Configure BES12 Work Connection Notification Service Monitoring

This article describes how to configure BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Work Connection Notification Service monitoring for BES12 environments.

GSX Monitor 10.11+ | BES 12


The Work Connection Notification Service is required to allow Push notifications for Secure Workspace. This is due to specific restrictions in the Apple IOS.

Management of this Windows service is done at the BES12 pool level, it means that only one instance of the service will be started within the pool.

There are two procedures below, one for a Standalone BES12 configuration and one for a Pool configuration.

BES12 pool configuration

  1. Right-click on one of the servers in the BES12 pool and select Edit BES12 Cluster configuration.
  2. In the Connectivity settings, check the Enable scanning option for Work Connect Notification Service.
  3. Click OK twice to accept the changes.
  4. Wait for a scan cycle to complete and then go the BES12 cluster statistics view and check the status of Notification service.

BES12 single server configuration

  1. Right-click on the BES12 server and select Edit Server configuration.
  2. Go to Windows Services section to update the list by using the Browse button.
  3. Select BES12 - BlackBerry Work Connection Notification Service.
  4. Click Add to include it to the monitored services list. 
  5. Click OK twice to accept the changes.
  6. Wait for a scan cycle to complete.
  7. Open the BES12 Server Statistics view to check the status of Windows services.

The BES12 Work Connection Notification Service is now configured for monitoring.

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