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Unable to Start the GSX Monitor Service on Local Computer

GSX Monitor fails to launch as a Windows service. When launched as a regular application, it can display an error related to registering the IBM Notes password. The most common cause of this issue is a change of the ID password. Other causing factors include: an upgrade in Antivirus Software, a crashed Notes session, or having multiple Notes.ini files present on the GSX Monitor server.

This article explains how solve the common issue caused by a changed IBM Notes Client ID password.

GSX Monitor | IBM Notes


  • GSXMonitor.exe hangs when starting as a Windows service.
  • The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
  • Error 1053. 
  • LaunchGSXRegPwd error. 

How to Solve the Issue

GSX Monitor locally stores the IBM Notes ID password in an encrypted format. When GSX Monitor is started and authentication is required, the password is automatically supplied to Domino by the registration process. If the Notes ID password has been changed and not updated in the local configuration, GSX Monitor hangs at startup when attempting to load as a Windows service using the old password.

You may be able to see the GSXRegPwd.exe process in the Task Manager. Close any instance of this if you see them. Once the procedure below has been performed to change the password saved, it is recommended that you reboot the station and let the Windows service start as normal with clean memory.

In order to enter the password again, we need to run GSX Monitor as an application.

To re-register the IBM Notes Client ID password:

  1. Launch GSX Monitor as an application:

  2. Go to Preferences > Globals > Password tab and select option "Provide password every time GSX Monitor is launched", then click OK.

  3. Restart GSX Monitor as a regular application and provide the Notes password.
  4. Return to Preferences > Globals > Password tab and select Register password.
  5. Restart GSX Monitor as a service.

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