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How to Manually Publish Web Enabler using IIS

This article describes how to manually publish the Web Enabler java applet using IIS (Internet Information Services). If GSX Analyzer was not installed or the option to use the GSX Analyzer website host has not been selected during the setup then you will have to manually configure the paths to the web site root and the java applet. The steps to do this are detailed below.

IIS | Web Enabler


Web Enabler is a java applet that retrieves data from some text files created by GSX Monitor. These files contain the information to display the main view as a web page.

If GSX Analyzer is also installed on the same system, GSX Monitor can use the IIS website configured for GSX Analyzer to publish Web Enabler. This option can be selected during the installation wizard. 

If you wish to manually publish Web Enabler after installation, follow the procedure below. (if IIS is not available on the server running GSX Monitor, please refer to this article for an alternative).

Publishing Web Enabler using Internet Information Services

The first step will be to identify the folder currently hosting the Web Enabler files to be published.

  1. In GSX Monitor go to the Preferences menu.
  2. Select Web Access and note the path configured in Directory field. 

Now we will configure the website and specify a default document.

  1. From Windows Server Manager, expand Roles, and Web Server (IIS) then select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. From the right pane, expand Sites, right click on Default Web Site, then select Add Application.
  3. Write down an Alias (ie: moniweb) use the folder you noted above as the Physical path value. 
  4. To make the Web Enabler application open by default, select the newly created application folder and open the Default Document feature.
  5. From the Actions list select Add and then type GSXMonitor.html as the default document. This can be the name of any of the Profiles created in Web Access Preferences
  6. You can validate the access to the newly created folder from any computer using Web Enabler URL from any web browser: type http://server_name.domain/app_name (where server_name is the
    FQDN of your server and app_name is the name of the application you create in step 3) in the navigation bar to open Web Enabler
  7. Depending on your java plugin configuration, you may have to accept the new applet location beginning with http:// then Web Enabler should open. 

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