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ActiveSync Scenario generates an HTML Error 415

When configuring an ActiveSync scenario with a Traveler server, you may see an HTML error 415 returned from the server, as it attempts to open a mailbox.
This means that the URL being used for the requests is invalid. This is due to the incoming URL not being redirected to the correct path.

To solve this issue, we can either create a web configuration document to redirect older URLs or we can specify the exact path in the ActiveSync scenario.

GSX Monitor 10.12+ | IBM Traveler


  • The remote server returned an error: (415) application/vnd.ms-sync.wbxml

How to Solve the Issue

The incoming URL is not reaching the intended target: this is normally handled by a web configuration document on the Traveler server. The configuration wizard in GSX will append the extension servlet/traveler to the Traveler hostname for communication with the Traveler services.
This is the backward compatible path for an 8.5 Traveler server, if the server is version 9 it will use /traveler.
Normally during the upgrade the server will create a web configuration document redirecting to the old path. If the web configuration document was not created, then we will need to use the path /traveler.

Similarly, if the server does not have a redirection for the ActiveSync requests you will need to use https://traveler.domain.com/traveler/Microsoft-Server-Activesync or https://traveler.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-Activesync

Changing the ActiveSync URL

  1. Click the arrow next to the Scenario tab and select ActiveSync scenario.
  2. Select the scenario with the error and open it.
  3. On the scenario tab enter the ActiveSync URL as https://traveler.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-Activesync
  4. Press Test Scenario to check that the mailbox opens with no errors.


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