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ActiveSync Scenario: Traveler Open Mailbox fails connecting to the mail database

When configuring a Traveler ActiveSync scenario, you may see it fails to open the mailbox during a test connection despite using the correct user name and password. This is caused by the Traveler server hosting the ActiveSync connection having insufficient access rights to the Domino server hosting the mail box.

This article shows how to add the Traveler server permissions to the mail database Access Control List (ACL) using the IBM Notes Client.

IBM Traveler | GSX Monitor 10.12+


  • The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. 
  • The IBM Traveler server cannot connect to your mail database.
  • Your mail database does not grant manager access rights to the Traveler server. 

How to Solve the Issue

The Traveler server configured needs to have manager access to the mail database associated with the user specified in the Traveler ActiveSync scenario. We can give access to the mail database using the IBM Notes client.

Modifying the database Access Control List (ACL) via IBM Notes client

  1. Open the IBM Notes client with a suitable ID to modify the mail database ACL.
  2. Launch the Open Application window using Ctrl+O.
  3. Enter or select the server and database name for the relevant user and click Open.
  4. Once opened, click File and select Application > Access Control.
  5. Select the Basics tab.
  6. Click Add to launch the Add User window and enter the name of the Traveler server you wish to allow access to the mail file.
  7. Click OK.
  8. In the right hand side panel under Attributes, click the drop-down menu for User type and select Server.
  9. Click the drop-down menu for Access and select Manager.
  10. Click OK.

Once the ACL changes are replicated, Traveler ActiveSync scenario tests and scans are successful in GSX Monitor:

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