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Exchange Scenario: Create Task action Unable to convert Date

When configuring an Exchange scenario, the Create Task action may fail with an Unable to convert error. This is caused by a .NET Framework bug discovered in Russian and Australian time zones.

GSX Monitor 10.7+ | Exchange: All versions


  • Unable to convert 2009-01-01T00:00:00.000 from (UTC+08:00) Perth to UTC.

Possible Workaround

When configuring an Exchange Create Task scenario in GSX Monitor, selecting Exchange Online as the version of Exchange will workaround the date conversion error. Below we select Exchange Online instead of Exchange 2010.

  1. From GSX Monitor, select Scenario > Exchange Scenario.
  2. Open the affected Exchange Scenario configuration.
  3. Expand the Version field.
  4. Select Exchange Online.
  5. Click Test Scenario to confirm Exchange Scenario test is now successful.


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