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IBM Sametime Community Server: wrong ID or HTTP password

During the configuration of a Sametime Community Server, you see a successful test connection on the STlog.nsf but the LED status in the main view shows the login to the server failed.

In this article we will look at the common causes for this and how to rectify the login error.

IBM Sametime 8.0+ | GSX Monitor 9+


  • Sametime server reported as down with a red LED. 
  • Login to Sametime server failed. Reason: wrong ID or HTTP password. 

How to Solve the Issue

The most likely cause of this error is that the IBM Notes password has been used in the configuration instead of the internet password.

The Test connection button in the Community Server - Statistics Collection section is only testing the connection to STLog.nsf, using the notes ID configured under Preferences > Global... > Password.
A successful connection does not confirm that the internet password entered is correct.

Check the user has an Internet password configured

  1. Launch an IBM Lotus Notes Administrator Client.
  2. Open a server hosting the global address book names.nsf. 
  3. Select the tab People and Groups.
  4. In the right hand pane, locate the user that is configured in the Community Server wizard.
  5. Open the person document and check this user has an Internet password configured:
  6. Enter the Internet password from above into the Community Server - General Settings section. The Login used should be in the RFC format and not the Notes format such as GMonitor/GSX:
  7. Close the wizard and allow a scan to complete.


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