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Login to Sametime server failed. LDAP not enabled

The main view of GSX Monitor will display a red LED for the community server down. Although the message details display that the wrong ID or HTTP password is configured, it may not be related to the ID or password as the same message can also display when there is no Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) available to authenticate with.

In this article we will check if there is an LDAP server available from the GSX server and if the correct password is being used.

IBM Sametime 8.0+ | LDAP


  • Login to Sametime server failed. Reason: connection timeout. 
  • Login to Sametime server failed. Reason: wrong ID or HTTP password. 

How to Solve the Issue

The most common reason for the above error is that the IBM notes password has been used instead of the internet password. See this guide to check that an internet password is set in the person document. Once we have checked that we have an internet password set, we will then check if there is an LDAP server available from the GSX Server.

Running a manual LDAP search

  1. Open a Command Prompt from the Run command using cmd. 
  2. Using the information from above, enter the connection string into the command prompt, e.g.:
    • ldapsearch -h ldap.gsx.com -b o=GSX -D "cn=Alan Carson,ou=People,o=GSX" -w password -p 389 objectclass=organizationalPerson
    • Note the user name -D is contained in quotes.
  3. Press Enter and observe if the command returns any data.

If the above command has a connection time out or returns no data, then the directory server is not configured for LDAP searches.

Check the LDAP server configuration document

  1. Open an IBM Notes Administrator client.
  2. Open the directory server: 
  3. In the left pane, expand the Directory to view the Directory Servers section:
  4. Select the LDAP Settings document.
  5. If there is not one already created, you will be prompted to make a new one:

For more information please see this guide on Configuring the LDAP settings.


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