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GSX Monitor Remote User Interface Connection Failure

When attempting to connect to GSX Monitor via the Remote User Interface (UI), a connection is constantly pending, informing you that the interface will restart. This is commonly caused by a misconfiguration of the TCP ports utilized for connecting.

Follow this article to verify Remote User Interface configuration settings and test TCP connectivity for a successful connection.

GSX Remote User Interface 


  • This program has to be launched by another executable and will close. 
  • GSX Monitor's interface will restart in: xx seconds.

How to Solve the Issue

Verify that the default ports 33333 and 33340 are bidirectionally available on both the monitoring station and the GSX Monitor Remote UI station. 

Verify that the version of GSX Monitor and GSX Monitor Remote User Interface matches:

  1. From GSX Monitor, select Help > About GSX Monitor.
  2. Notate the Build number.
  3. For the GSX Monitor Remote UI, right-click the executable link.
  4. Select Open file location.
  5. Right-click the highlighted GSXMonitorRemote.exe file.
  6. Select Properties > Details.
  7. Locate Product version and verify this matches the GSX Monitor Build number.
  8. If they do not match, update either GSX Monitor or the Remote UI.

Verify that the default port 3333 is set in GSX Monitor:

  1. Launch GSX Monitor.
  2. Select Preferences > Globals > Advanced.
  3. In the Connection section, verify 33333 is set.

Verify that the default settings are correct in GSX Monitor Remote UI:

  1. Launch GSX Monitor Remote UI.
  2. Verify the IP address or hostname is correct for the GSX Monitor address.
  3. Verify 33333 is set in GSX Monitor port.
  4. Verify 33340 is set in GSX Remote UI port.  


Verify TCP port connectivity succeeds:

Run the following PowerShell command to test TCP port connectivity on the Remote UI and monitoring stations providing diagnostic connection information:

  • Test-NetConnection -ComputerName MonitoringComputerName -Port 33333

  • Test-NetConnection -ComputerName RemoteUIComputerName -Port 33340

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