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GSX Monitor Mail Routing Echo Probe Options

There are several destinations available when you want to test mail routing round trip to the Internet using an echo service.

This article lists several available options for an email echo service.

GSX Monitor | Mail Routing Monitoring

How To Setup A Mail Routing "Round-Trip-To-The-Internet" Probe

GSX Monitor Mail Routing "Round-Trip-To-The-Internet" Probe Scenario

Setup new or edit existing Mail Routing configurations and input any email echo service destinations that will automatically reply:

  1. From GSX Monitor > Scenario > Mail Routing
  2. Click on the Add new cycle button in the toolbar.
  3. Give the Mail Routing cycle an alias (only used for display).
  4. Configure a standard probe, or a Traveler / BlackBerry probe and attach a file if you want to route larger emails. 
  5. Configure the probe-sending and reception. The settings differ depending on the Sending Methods (SMTP, Domino or Exchange Web Services):


Configure the Sender and the Receiver as the same account when testing email round trip to the Internet using GSX Monitor.

  1. The Sender sends the original mail probe to an echo service.
  2. The email echo service responds back to the original Sender.
  3. Logically the mail probe response's Receiver is the original Sender.
  4. GSX Monitor should be configured to look for the email echo service response's in the original Sender's mailbox for successful round trip to the Internet email monitoring.

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