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GSX Remote Client Interface not launching after upgrade

When attempting to launch the GSX Remote Client Interface after upgrading it or either GSX Monitor, you are facing Graphical User Interface (GUI) version errors. This can occur when the GSX Remote Client Interface does not match the version of GSX Monitor.

Follow this article to identify version information to upgrade either GSX Monitor or the Remote Client Interface to properly match versions.

GSX Monitor 10.x.x+ | GSX Remote Client Interface 10.x.x+


  • GSX Monitor GUI is not launched with valid version. Error code 1008 
  • GSX Monitor Version: xx.x ; GUI Version = xx.x

How to Solve the Issue

You can use the information based in the alert to determine which product needs to be updated. From the alert, if the GSX Monitor version is greater than the reported GUI version, then GSX Remote User Interface needs to be updated to match the GSX Monitor version.

  1. From the alert below, GSX Monitor needs to be updated to match GUI version 11.1.0:
  2. Follow the below link to log in, download and upgrade either the latest GSX Monitor version or the latest GSX Remote User Interface version:

Once either is upgraded and the product versions match, you can now run the GSX Remote User Interface without issue.

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