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IBM Notes - Notes Shared Login Failed with this ID

The GSX Monitor service fails to load throwing two error messages. One error message references a Notes shared login failure, while the other error references a configuration failure for a port already in use by GSX Monitor. These errors are results of a known IBM Notes issue when launching the Notes client with an ID that has Notes Shared Login enabled.

Follow this article to understand and resolve the error by disabling the Notes Shared Logon feature on the Notes ID utilized by GSX Monitor.

GSX Monitor 10.x.x+ | IBM Notes Client


  • GSX LN Register Password - Notes Shared Login Failed with this ID file. 
  • Interactive Services Detection - The program will display its own window below if it still needs attention. 
  • Configuration Problem. GSX Monitor uses a port that is already in use. 

How to Solve the Issue

To resolve the issue, disable the Notes Shared Logon feature on the Notes ID used by GSX Monitor.

When launching GSX Monitor as a service, it attempts to register the IBM Notes ID password. The Notes ID password registration will fail when the Notes ID has Notes Shared Logon enabled. This is due to a known error that can prevent a successful Notes login as described by IBM here

Disabling Notes Shared Logon at the Notes ID Level

  1. On the monitoring station, launch IBM Notes client.
  2. Navigate to File - Security - User Security.
  3. From the Security Basics section, uncheck Log in to Notes using your operating system login:
  4. Click OK.
  5. Close IBM Notes client.
  6. Launch GSX Monitor as a service.

GSX Monitor will now start successfully as a Windows service.

Possible Workaround

You can also replace the IBM Notes ID that GSX Monitor uses with one that already has Notes Shared Logon disabled.

Follow the instructions on changing the Notes ID after Installing GSX Monitor here.

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