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How to clean up unused GSX Monitor files

When considering disk space on the GSX Monitor station, you may wish to remove older or unused files to increase disk space.

Follow this article to understand that GSX Monitor files are safe for removal and how to remove them. 

GSX Monitor 10.0+ | Windows OS all versions


The GSX Monitor directory contains two folders that can harbour helpful information, when necessary. The Debug and Configuration backup folders can grow in size due to their respective settings in GSX Monitor.

Clearing the \GSX Monitor\Debug directory:

  1. On the monitoring station, open the Windows File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the root \GSX Monitor installation directory. 
  3. Locate and open the \Debug directory.
  4. Select all items in the \Debug directory with keyboard combination Ctrl+A.
  5. With all items selected, press the Delete key to remove the debug files.
  6. You can then empty the Debug files from the Recycle Bin.

Locating and deleting old GSX Monitor configuration backup files:

  1. Open GSX Monitor.
  2. Navigate to Preferences > Globals > Backup
  3. Notate the file path under Backup on disk.
  4. Navigate to the Backup on disk file path folder from Windows File Explorer.
    • The default backup directory is \GSX Monitor\Backup.
  5. Select the number of backup Monitor.sdf files you wish to remove.
    • We recommend keeping a backup configuration of up to six months.
  6. Press the Delete key to remove the files selected for deletion.
  7. You can then empty the backup configuration files from the Recycle Bin.


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