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GSX Monitor Uses a Port That is Already in Use

A crash of the IBM Notes client on the monitoring station can cause a GSX Monitor error stating that a port is already in use. An incomplete GSX Monitor shut down or a crash leaving some of the processes running in the background can also be the root cause of this issue. The incomplete shutdown will leave the port that GSX Monitor uses to connect to its configuration database open. GSX Monitor cannot start until the process holding the port is shut down. Restarting the operating system can also correct this issue.

GSX Monitor 10.x.x+


  • Configuration Problem.  
  • GSX Monitor Uses a Port That is Already in Use. 
  • The port 33333 is already in use. Please enter an available port number. 

How to Solve the Issue

To solve this issue we are going to open the Task Manager to close NSD.exe and all GSX related tasks such as GSXMonitor.exe and GSXScanEngine.exe. This will release the port and GSX Monitor will start without issue:

  1. Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager:
  2. Locate and end all GSX Monitor related processes and tasks, specifically:
    • GSXMonitor.exe 
    • GSXScanLog.exe
    • GSXScanEngine.exe
    • GSXMonitorFbCon.exe
    • GSXDomino.exe
  3. Locate and close the IBM Notes NSD task: 
    • nsd.exe
  4. Start GSX Monitor.

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