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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 11.1.0 Release Notes

January 25, 2016

New Features

  • New Alerts on Lync Performance counters.
  • New Alerts on Lync Mediation and Edge Performance counters in GSX Analyzer.
  • Exchange Hub Transport Queues Statistics in Statistics view / Alerts / Tooltip. 
  • Exchange Mailbox Database additional Statistics in Statistics View.
  • New column for Exchange Spot Check Report Mailbox characteristics.


Fixed Issues 

  • Configuring the Scheduler into a new Alert Profile is not possible.
  • A crash could occur when updating DirSync PowerShell Port.
  • Fixed command line issue when installing GSX Monitor as a Windows Service.
  • The scheduler does not allow to go beyond year 2015.
  • Sametime 9 Community Server Statistics Collection issue when the path to the STLog file is not configured. 
  • Fixed PowerShell memory leak issues.


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