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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.12.1 Release Notes

May 28, 2015

New Features

  • Meetings and Tasks creation can now be simulated in ActiveSync Scenarios.



  • From the Alerts view, entries related to spot check reports or change monitoring have been removed as it was not relevant to have them displayed as alerts.
  • In the Exchange and ActiveSync scenario views, the user name and password fields are now displayed in the settings grids.
  • Improved Modularization and Email Service settings stability.


Fixed Issues 

  • DatabaseAvailability and DatabaseRedundancy Replication Health Checks are irrelevant and have been removed from the scanning of Exchange 2013 Mailbox servers being ina DAG.
  • The Domino Disk Space Warning LED is now working as expected.
  • A port scanning timeoutcould lead to a crash.
  • An error could occur when configuring an Exchange Scenario containing a Create Email action with the send email option enabled.
  • Lync version and build numbers are now reported in Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports.
  • The default scanning frequency for Exchange clusters is now set to 5 minutes. 


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