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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.12.0 Release Notes

April 28, 2015

New Features

GSX Monitor

  • It is now possible to create Spot Check Reports for Exchange Online organizations, including Mailboxes, Public Folders and ActiveSync Devices reports.
  • A new ActiveSync Scenario view allows to simulate end users ActiveSync activities such as opening a mailbox, creating emails, resolving users, checking user availability, and monitor the execution time and status of these scenarios.
  • GSX Monitor now supports IBM Traveler monitoring.

GSX Analyzer

  • Reporting on ActiveSync Scenarios availability and average execution time.
  • Ability to generate Statistics reports, Trend reports and Environmental Health reports in CSV and PDF.



GSX Monitor

  • The GSX Monitor Settings windows have been redesigned.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • The Domino "Home Server" is obsolete and has been removed from GSX Monitor settings.
  • While fetching Traveler user statistics via SQL, if the primary configuration is failing, GSX Monitor now checks if the secondary (mirror) configuration is enabled before trying to use it.
  • After a change in the Modularization, the Email Service settings now need to be validated (or updated if necessary).
  • The Full backup option is now working as expected even when the destination folder is too large.
  • In Exchange Spot Check Reports, the sort on the report columns is now working properly.
  • The Sametime "average access time" values are now correctly displayed in the Server Statistics view.
  • In some rare cases, Domino memory related statistics could be incorrect.
  • Audit Report details containing special characters are now displayed correctly.

GSX Analyzer

  • The Scenarios availability calculation could be wrong when the scenario execution time threshold was reached.
  • An exception prevented Trend reports from being generated when the maximum number of monitoring stations IP addresses was reached.
  • When exporting an Environmental Health server report, most of the average values were set to n/a in the PDF graphs.


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