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GSX Server Guard could not send the Memo Error -1073741515

This can happen if GSX Server Guard is installed by a different user that the one used to install Domino, preventing Server Guard from having full access to the required Domino .dll. The Server Guard installer must be run as administrator to allow full access to Domino. Reinstalling Server Guard will resolve the issue.

Server Guard 7+


  • Could not send the test message on <server name>
  • Please check that Notes is properly set up and configured
  • Could not send the memo (error -1073741515) 

How to Solve the Issue

GSX Server Guard needs to be uninstalled from the control panel and then reinstalled by running the installer as an administrator:

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Select Programs and Features.
  3. Uninstall Server Guard from the Control Panel:
  4. Right Click the Server Guard installer and select Run as administrator.

Once reinstalled, check that the send memo function now works using the test memo button.

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