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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.10.2 Release Notes

January 26, 2015

New Features

GSX Analyzer

  • Ability to compare one Exchange “Disk Space by disk” statistic over time.
  • Ability to generate CSV and PDF reports of one Exchange “Disk Space by disk” statistic.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • Fixed issue of Database corruption for Exchange and Lync monitoring during upgrade to 10.10.1 
  • Outlook Web Services can no longer be selected in the Exchange 2013 Sever Settings grid, as expected.
  • Scanning a Traveler pool URL is now using correct parameters for SSL (SSL3 from .ini file or TLS by default).
  • Exchange 2007 Windows Services are now correctly retrieved using WMI.
  • Some Exchange and Lync statistics were inaccurate and not sent to GSX Analyzer in Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports.

GSX Analyzer

  • In the Exchange Statistics view, the "Disk Space by disk" statistics are now displayed as expected.
  • In weekly comparison trend reports, some values could be reported as "n/a" when the last day was not set to Monday.


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