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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.11.0 Release Notes

February 23, 2015

New Features

GSX Monitor

  • Sametime 9 Audio/Video components integration (VMCU and VMGR servers monitoring).
  • BlackBerry 12 Pool monitoring.

GSX Analyzer

  • Support of BlackBerry 12 Pool reporting. GSX Analyzer can report on the daily, weekly or monthly availability of the following components:
    • Active Sync.
    • SQL Database.
    • SRP.
  • New option to select the level of detail of the Table of Contents in PDF reports. Existing configurations will by default be set to "Simple". If necessary, edit your configurations and change the setting to either "Intermediate" or "Detailed". 


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • Sametime alert on Windows Services down has been reviewed to improve readability.
  • Improved formatting on Domino Change Monitoring alert emails.
  • While scanning URLs, some error messages were inaccurate.
  • While configuring URLs, test connections were only using SSL3 to make SSL handshake. Since Poodle fault, this feature now only uses TLS1.
  • Refreshing Windows Services status works fine when creating a BlackBerry 12 server from the wizard.
  • Template for BlackBerry 12 can now import correctly a BES 12 server configuration.

GSX Analyzer

  • The login is now not case-sensitive.
  • An exception prevented Trend reports from being generated (maximum number of monitoring stations IP addresses reached).


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