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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.10.0 Release Notes

November 12, 2014

New Features

GSX Monitor

Support of BlackBerry 12 monitoring. GSX Monitor tests the connectivity status of the following components:

  • Active Sync endpoints, to make sure the users are able to synchronize their device.
  • SQL Database status, as well as the Database size
  • SRP to ensure connection from your BES servers to the BlackBerry NOC (Network Operations Center).
  • Windows Services on remote servers
  • Dedicated BES 12 Statistics view with:
    • System status.
    • Active sync end points status.
    • Information on user and devices.

GSX Analyzer

Support of BlackBerry 12 reporting. GSX Analyzer can report on the daily, weekly or monthly availability of the following components:

  • System (CPU and RAM usage, Disk Space, etc).
  • Active Sync.
  • SQL Database.
  • SRP.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • In Alert configuration, the "Test email" button always display a message box (for success or failure).
  • Obsolete Exchange statistics  have been removed from the Graphs view.
  • An error could occur when initializing the Lync Statistic view.
  • Exchange and Lync Windows Services are now retrieved using exclusively PowerShell.
  • In some cases, localized Exchange performance counters were not retrieved.
  • Sametime statistics collection method was not saved correctly when configuring a new Sametime 8 server.
  • The prioritization of alerts on the Domino System LED has slightly changed: Tasks "down" has now priority on Disk Space "in warning".
  • A memory leak could occur when performing IBM Notes scanning operations (Domino, Domino Performance, Change Monitoring, etc).
  • In some rare cases, and when sending email alerts via Domino, the alert subject could be truncated.
  • The Exchange Mailbox status was wrong even when mailbox databases were down.

GSX Analyzer

The overall availability calculation is now including all scenario availability counts, and is then more accurate.


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