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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.9.1 Release Notes

October 15, 2014


GSX Monitor

  • Lync simultaneous server monitoring performance has been improved.
  • A DomainUsername field has been added to the Lync Test Users configuration, so that tests no longer fail when the UPN and the SIP addresses are different.
  • Improved the error message warning that GSX Monitor is already running in another instance.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • Due to support of Unicode in Domino scanning processes, an error could occur while processing Domino statistics buffer.
  • When configuring the communication between GSX Monitor and the Remote UI, it is now possible to select a different Remote UI IP address if GSX Monitor is not able to determine which one has to be used to ensure the connectivity between the Remote UI and GSX Monitor.
  • Dedicated URL debug files were generated in the wrong folder.
  • All Traveler user alerts are now triggered as expected.
  • Editing a SharePoint server from the Server Settings view is now done through the SharePoint wizard, fixing configuration issues related to SQL.
  • Sametime Windows Services reported in error are now displayed in the LED tooltip.
  • An unhandled exception could occur when GSX Monitor was launched while transfering data to GSX Analyzer.
  • The Exchange Database Failover alert can now be copy-pasted from one configuration to another in the Server Settings view.


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