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GSX Technical Support: Our Commitment to Client Satisfaction


Our mission as the Client Satisfaction team is to provide unrivalled world-class customer support. This includes technical documentation, virtual meetings, knowledge base articles, support requests, and on-site visits. Once a ticket is closed, we invite customers to provide a rating and feedback on the support received. We take our satisfaction rating very seriously. Every member of the team, from your first point of contact, right up to level three technical support, is constantly striving to provide you with the utmost customer care and attention to detail. You have been kind enough to submit feedback more than 800 times and we have consistently, month after month, achieved 100% satisfaction. We read every one of your comments and appreciate your feedback!   

We pride ourselves on our response time and work to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. For more information on what length of response times to expect, see our SLA and response times article here. We encourage customers to use the Help Center to submit support requests, rather than the use of email as it allows us to process the request faster. For more information, see our guide on creating support requests.

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Here is what our customers are saying about us:

"The support I received from GSX was great! The team responded to me very quickly and verified the GSX certificate had not expired and was an issue with Lotus."

IT Administrator

Major U.S. Defense Contractor and Industrial Corporation

"The responses were quick and handled courteously and professionally. I am quite pleased with the service received from your support teams."

Messaging Engineer

European IT services corporation

"Fast response unlike other services who do not adjust to the customer's requirement and timing. Thanks a lot!"

Principal Consultant

International Law Firm

"I really appreciate the prompt replies and the accurate information I get from Support"

Global Workplace

French multinational banking and financial services company

"Swift response with workable solution. Thanks again your help."

APAC IT Collaborative Infrastructure

International Bank

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