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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.7.2 Release Notes

March 17, 2014

New Features

GSX Monitor

New Exchange Spot Check Report for ActiveSync Devices connections (detailed information about connected devices, synchronization, etc.).



GSX Monitor

  • In the Main View, the Sametime System LED is no longer split if no Windows Services have been configured.
  • When defining size thresholds in some components' configurations, you can now choose between several values (megabyte, gigabyte, etc.).
  • Change Monitoring and Spot Check Reports configurations are no longer taken into account in the Global Outage alert.

GSX Analyzer

When configuring a Trend report, you can now set longer time limits, up to 31 days for daily reports, 52 weeks for weekly reports, and 36 months for monthly reports.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • In the Exchange Overview, the status of Scenario, Mail routing and Spot Check Reports configurations is now only considering enabled configurations.
  • In some cases, the Exchange scan ended up without giving any server status nor statistics.
  • When configuring a Sametime server from the wizard, the 8.5+ Specific tab could be disabled even if a version 8.5 was selected.
  • Domino Stat "Platform.Process.server" is now correctly retrieved.
  • In the Exchange Server Settings view, the "Mailbox used for Protocols checks" column is now hidden for 2013 servers, as this option is only available for 2010 servers.
  • In the Traveler Statistics view, some statistics were missing (version, mail flow, HTTP Thread, etc.).
  • Exchange CPU percentage calculation now supports multiple physical processors.

GSX Analyzer

  • In the Environmental Health view, when the Standard Deviation cannot be calculated, we now display "n/a" instead of displaying false values.
  • The Trend Report status icon (enabled/disabled) is now visible in the Trend configuration window.
  • In the Environmental Health configuration, the settings regarding PDF reports exported to local folders are now properly saved.
  • The FTP destination folders are now correctly saved after they have been created.


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