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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.6.0 Release Notes

September 17, 2013

New Features

GSX Monitor

  • Traveler High Availability (HA):
    • You can now create Traveler pools monitoring configurations and alert either at the pool level or at the server level.
    • Status on High Availability, SQL DB and IP Sprayer can be checked from the Traveler pool statistics screen.
  • Mail Routing:
    • New configuration wizard.
    • Exchange mail routing using Exchange Web Services (EWS).
    • GSX Monitor can now detect, report and alert on mounting points of Exchange servers and SharePoint servers (except with SNMP scanning method).
  • New SCOM 2007 Management Pack:
    • Alerts are now better sorted in the dashboard, depending on their criticity (information, warning and critical).
    • Alerts are automatically marked as closed when the 'Back Up' alert is triggered.
  • New GSX Monitor licensing system with detailed information per platform and/or per user.



GSX Monitor

  • A menu in GSX Monitor now allows you to launch the Modularization after restart.
  • The GSX Monitor Station Name can now also be given in the Modularization at first GSX Monitor startup.
  • You can now link a Port configuration to a Domino server configuration from the Wizard.
  • Alerts on Traveler users can now be configured for one device or for all devices.
  • Web Enabler is now by default enabled in Trial licenses.
  • The list of users that have not synchronized their devices recently is not displayed in the alert email.
  • License information window now display more information about evaluation version.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • Deleting a BES configuration from the Main View could fail.
  • An exception made Sametime Services scanning freeze, resulting in all servers being down.
  • The Traveler users 'back up' alert is no more sent when a deleted user is configured.
  • Compacting GSX Monitor DB every 2 months (at GSX Monitor start up) is no more necessary, since SQL CE does not need it.
  • Error messages from a non-accessible BES server can now be closed (in BES Statistics and Wizard screens).
  • In a Spot Check Report configuration, GSX Monitor can now retrieve Exchange Mailboxes whatever the Mailbox Database name format is.


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