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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.5.5 Release Notes

September 2, 2013

If you upgrade from a version prior to 10.5 and if you are monitoring SharePoint servers including a backend SQL server configuration (which do not reside on the same station), a dedicated SharePoint row will then be created in the Main View for the SQL Server configuration.



GSX Monitor

  • Additional checks for the station OS have been added both at install level and at the Prerequisites checks level.
  • Some messages in email alerts have been corrected to be more accurate depending on the alert type.

GSX Analyzer


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • GSX Monitor can now perform log scanning on BES and SharePoint servers in non-trusted domains or from a Workgroup.
  • The definition of outages statistics has been improved in the Periodic Statistics screen.
  • All running background processes are now checked during an upgrade of GSX Monitor.
  • More detailed information is provided when errors raise in PowerShell prerequisites.
  • Some labels were not accurate in the MIB details window.
  • The Mailbox characteristics spot check report now generates an accurate number of mailboxes.
  • Scanning Active Directory ports with SSL no longer consumes a lot of RAM.
  • SharePoint test connection could display “Invalid query”.


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