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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 12.0.0 Release Notes

November 15, 2016

New Features

GSX Monitor

  • GSX Monitor now supports End User Experience Analysis for:
    • Exchange Online
    • Skype for Business Online
    • SharePoint Online
  • GSX Monitor now supports Microsoft ADFS Proxy monitoring.
  • GSX Monitor now supports Microsoft Exchange 2016 monitoring.
  • Connector Scanning: scanning frequency selection can be provided using the scheduler.
  • Connector Templates: it is now easier to replicate a configuration on multiple similar instances with templates.
  • Connector Architecture:
    • Traces facilitate debug issues related to deployment or scanning.
    • Robot User scan results are visible in GSX Gizmo.
    • GSX Monitor status is visible in GSX Gizmo.
    • GSX Monitor automated backups now include Connector’s configuration.
  • Licensing: the number of allowed Robot Users is controlled.

Robot Users

  • Remote deployment:
    • Robot Users can be easily deployed in critical monitoring locations.
    • They update automatically and are always synchronized with the centralized version at the Manager level.
  • Robot User Scan results: Centralized alerting.
  • Optimization of the Robot User hard disk footprint.
  • Robot Users schedule and deployment persistence.
  • Garbage collection: configurations which are unused or not referenced anymore by the Manager, are automatically unscheduled and removed from the Robot User.
  • Deployed Robot Users continue to do all their tasks on the hosts where they were deployed regardless of being logged in the system or not.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • Alert Profiles: in certain circumstances, dialog boxes are not displayed properly.
  • Domino Spot Check Report: messages about Database quota monitoring are incorrect.
  • Domino Spot Check Report: there is no alert when Domino Agent errors are detected in a message box.
  • GSX Monitor Alerts: unable to change the event severity for pending mail threshold.
  • IBM Connections: URL Get Latency time.
  • IBM Connections: now able to properly scan URLs not secured via https.
  • IBM Connections: added URL Alerts retries.


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