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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.8.2 Release Notes

August 12, 2014


GSX Monitor

  • Non relevant debug traces are no longer logged in the EventLog.
  • The SSL / TLS encryption is now supported in SMTP port scanning.

GSX Analyzer

The layout of Environmental Health PDF reports has been improved.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • Exchange Mailbox Database statistics were not correctly computed before being sent to GSX Analyzer.
  • When performing a Test connection in an Exchange configuration, the PowerShell Access Time  is now computed correctly.
  • GSX Monitor is now able to monitor more types of URLs, including redirections.
  • Errors no longer occur when using a Notes ID file that is not password protected.
  • The Traveler probes are now correctly removed from 'Sent Items' while performing mail routing.

GSX Analyzer

  • In the Exchange Trend Reports view, the Protocol name is now displayed in the statistic name.
  • The forecast calculation of SharePoint Content DB statistics is now correct.
  • In the CSV Statistics reports, statistics are now sorted properly.
  • Some German translations were missing in the GSX Analyzer User Interface.
  • The forecasted values were missing in the automatic 'Comparison of one statistic over time' and 'Comparison of statistics over time' PDF Trend report.
  • In the Exchange Statistics PDF reports, the servers' list no longer contains irrelevant entries.
  • In Environmental Health PDF reports, the graphs for which the "Advanced settings > Enable colors" option was enabled are now displayed as expected. 


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