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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.7.1 Release Notes

February 6, 2014


GSX Analyzer

  • Alerts can now be loaded all at a time and the default number of alerts loaded can be changed in the Preferences.
  • Exchange Scenario statistics including maintenance have been removed, as scenarios are not scanned during maintenance hours.
  • In GSX Analyzer Manager, error details are now provided when the Database Test Connection fails.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • Connectivity issues could occur when browsing Exchange Mailboxes' folders in Scenarios or when testing Mail Routing connection with an Exchange Web Services (EWS) configured.
  • From the Main View properties, you can now dissociate the LED color configuration of Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 DAG status.
  • The Microsoft.PowerShell Endpoint configuration is now available in Server Settings > Exchange Server > Scanning.
  • The Exchange DAG status computation has slightly changed, so DAGs are now considered Down when the Mailbox status of all servers is down or at least one DB is not available, and considered in Warning when the Mailbox status of at least one server is down.
  • In GSX Web Enabler, the Traveler Pool users’ status was not updated while GSX Monitor was running.
  • Fixed memory leak in GSXExchange.exe (aborting scans no longer impacts memory).
  • In the BES Statistics view, the Users Status computation could be incorrect; it is now computed differently and well rendered.
  • In the Exchange configuration wizard, you can now specify an OWA URL with an https protocol.
  • On Windows Server 2003, the Exchange configuration wizard crashed when opening.
  • In the Exchange Main View Properties, the Hub LEDs related to Delivery and Unreachable Queues have been removed to avoid any confusion with the Transport/Hub LED Status.
  • In the Exchange Server Settings view, copy-pasting CAS alerts did not copy Outlook connectivity settings.

GSX Analyzer

  • Statistics expressed as integers are no longer displayed with decimal values but rounded up/down.
  • In Environmental Health Templates configurations, some clusters statistics' parameters could not be set.
  • The format of Statistics reports file names have been changed to avoid reports to be deleted when file names were identical.
  • In the Trend report configuration window, the CSV delimiter was reset to default (tabulation) if you changed it.
  • A GSX Analyzer Manager desktop icon is now created after the install. 


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