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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.6.2 Release Notes

December 2, 2013


GSX Monitor

  • Change Monitoring can now report on documents errors while scanning.


Fixed Issues 

GSX Monitor

  • In Domino Spot Check Reports, ACL Monitoring alerts (e.g. cannot access to a database) are no longer triggered when the expected behaviour is back to normal.
  • In names.nsf, users defined with a Domino server name without any domain name (example "GSX01" instead of "GSX01/GSX") are no longer reported in the "Orphan mailbox" rule.

GSX Analyzer

  • The dash sign is no longer considered invalid in report names.
  • Quarterly Trend Reports are now sent properly, four times a year based on the three past months (at the beginning of January, April, July and October).
  • Domino Cluster Replication bytes statistics were considered as average values instead of sum values. This is now corrected and the statistic label has been updated accordingly. 


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