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GSX Monitor & Analyzer 12.3.0 Release Notes

January 29, 2018

New features

• GSX Monitor is now able to monitor Microsoft Outlook used with the Exchange MAPI over HTTP protocol.

• GSX Monitor is now able to monitor Microsoft Skype for Business Voice.
Specific alerts can be defined:
- Packet Loss Rate
- Round-Trip Latency
- Jitter Average
- Packet Reorder Ratio
- Degradation Average
- Healed Percentage
- Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

• GSX Monitor is now able to monitor Mail Routing from Robot User.



• The Server Name field can now be updated in the Configuration.


Fixed Issues 

• Monitoring: Exchange Spot Check Reports were returning partial results.

• Robot User deployment: the error 'unable to verify running port' occured when using passwords with extended characters.

• AirWatch Database server was not scanned properly.


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