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GSX Gizmo 1.3.0 Release Notes

January 29, 2018

New Features

• New option: a button now allows to turn the dashboards into a 'real time' mode.



• A source can be manually deleted to remove orphan or duplicate source coming from GSX Monitor.
• It is now possible to quickly identify the failed or degraded configurations for a group.
• More items are visible from a grouped view without using the scroll bar.
• Dashboards loading time is improved.
• New navigation bar layout.
• New login page.
• Improved error message displayed in case of wrong Active Directory credentials.


Fixed Issue

• The sidebar was not scrollable when creating many custom views.
• Hierarchy and filters did not work well after changing the Custom view.
• Installation: the DB creation was not waiting for the PGSQL instance availability.
• The Delete source was displaying 'undefined' in error when the source was not reachable.
• The navigation pane scroll bar did not work well with Mozilla Firefox.
• Expired user session was generating a failure notification.
• Breadcrumb and filter navigation was allowing access to restricted objects.
• Windows Server: the CPU Processor Time was represented in 'ms' instead of '%' in the System Performance graph.

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