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GSX Gizmo Amsterdam Release Notes

May 3, 2018

(including GSX Monitor 12.4, GSX Gizmo Web UI 1.4, GSX Gizmo Analytics 1.4)


New Features and Improvements

Monitoring Capabilities

  • Microsoft Active Directory

    - New monitoring capabilities i.e. alerts for CPU and RAM statistics.

  • Microsoft Active Sync Device User Experience

    - New network diagnostics troubleshooting capabilities i.e. additional DNS information in Network service details.

  • Microsoft ADFS

    - New configuration validation checks i.e. Connection test to validate the Federation endpoint authentication.

  • Cisco IronPort

    - New alerting capabilities i.e. alerts can be configured in case of issue with a specific domain.

    - New configuration validation checks i.e. connection test to validate credentials and prerequisites.

    - New troubleshooting capabilities for system down i.e. additional information in the alerts.

  • Mail Routing

    - New troubleshooting capabilities i.e. the alert provides more information.

    - Troubleshooting made easy: new real time dashboard information and improved metrics (date/time).

  • Network Latency Diagnostics

    - New configuration validation check i.e. new single Test Connection button in the Configuration.

Web User Interface

  • New customization capabilities

    - The logo at the top left corner can be edited.

    - A default view can be set when starting the tool.

  • New Robot User capabilities: URL and Certificate check & alert from any location.

  • The application is now hosted on a IIS server.

  • Administrators are notified in case of user access issues.

  • Active Directory configuration made easier.


Fixed Issue

  • GSX Gizmo accounts could not be removed when using Mozilla Firefox 57.

  • An access denied error was displayed instead of log in screen when session was expired.

  • Login Page: an unexpected session expired toaster occured when switching from Super Admin to LDAP.

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