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Exchange MAPI UX Scenario is Down - Unable to Open Mailbox

Exchange MAPI User Experience scenario fails with Error 0x8004010F when attempting to open the user mailbox.

This is because the Outlook data file cannot be accessed; either because the Robot User cannot find the local mailbox or because is not allowed to access it.

The problem is solved by creating a local copy of the test mailbox used in the scenario, and configuring the Robot User with the same credentials as used when creating the Outlook Profile.

GSX Monitor 12.3+ | MAPI User Experience Monitoring | Microsoft Outlook


  • Error 0x8004010F. Scenario_is_Down-xxx4010F.png
  • Scenario is Down due to action 1 (Open Mailbox).
  • Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID {29AB7A12-B531-450E-8F7A-EA94C2F3C05F} from the IClassFactory failed due to the following error: 8004010f Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004010F. Scenario_is_Down-xxx4010F.png

How to Solve the Issue

The GSX Robot User does not have access to the Outlook Data File. If using an Exchange Cloud Account, we will check that Cached Exchange Mode is enabled to create a local copy of the mail account. Then check where the local mail copy is stored and ensure the Robot User has access to it.

  1. Open Outlook on the Robot User.
  2. Go to File - Account Settings.
  3. Double-click the Account Profile and check Use Cached Exchange Mode if it is not already enabled: 
  4. Select the Data Files tab.
  5. Notate the on-disk Location for the Data File:
  6. Ensure the account running the Robot User has access to the Data File on-disk location:
    • In our example, the account running the Robot User is "ent\gmonitor":
  7. Close the Outlook client.
  8. Logoff the Robot User.

The Robot User Scenario will now scan correctly:

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