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How to Reduce the Size of the PostgreSQL Log Files

By default, PostgreSQL does not rotate logs. This can cause the C: Drive to fill up with PostgreSQL log files.

This article explains how to replace the default PostgreSQL configuration with one that will enable log file rotation every 24 hours.

PostgreSQL 10 | Gizmo Amsterdam Edition



We will replace your GSX Gizmo default PostgreSQL configuration file with one that is modified to rotate the logs:

  1. Download the modified PostgreSQL configuration file here:
  2. Stop the PostgreSQL server from Windows Services or Task Manager:
  3. Navigate to the following PostgreSQL path:
    •  %ProgramData%\PostgreSQL\10\Data\
  4. Replace the existing postgresql.conf configuration file with the one downloaded in step 1:
  5. Delete the Log folder from the PostgreSQL path:
    • PostgreSQL\10\Data\
  6. From Windows Services or the Task Manager, start the PostgreSQL server Windows Service.


PostgreSQL will now recycle its log files every 24 hours.


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