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Favorite Reports

GSX 365 Usage allows you to add any of your customized, filtered and saved reports to your Favorite Reports.

This allows you to easily access your commonly used reports using a single click from the Navigation Menu.

Any report you add to your favorites will appear under the Favorite Reports section of the left hand side navigation menu.

Adding a Report to your Favorites

There are two ways to add a report to your favorites.

Add a new saved report to your favorites

To save a report simply click the Save Report button on the right hand side above the data table.

This will pop up the Save Report Box.  Type in a memorable name and description for the report.

If you tick the Add to my Favorite Reports box this report will appear in the Favorite Reports section at the top of the left hand Navigation Menu.

Add or Remove a previously saved report to your favorites

All saved reports will also appear in the Saved Reports section which you can access by clicking the Saved Reports link in the left hand navigation menu.

To add or remove a previously saved report in your Favorite Reports section simply click the Star icon next to the report you wish to add or remove.

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