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Publish the GSX 365 Usage dashboard

Dashboards are a powerful way to tell a data driven story in GSX 365 Usage, and there is often a desire to simplify how to share these dashboards. To effect this there is now a feature in GSX 365 Usage that allows you to publish your dashboard to a URL so it can be viewed by others without having to have access to the GSX 365 Usage themselves.

This is available on any user defined dashboard, once you have saved it and populated with data. In the upper right hand corner there is now a button to “Publish Dashboard”.

First make sure that the dashboard is in the state that you are happy with, the data will appear as per the dashboard view. Then click on the button. The Publish Dashboard UI will appear.

Once you click publish the URL for the dashboard will be shown. This can be copied and pasted where required.

If desired there is the option to add an Access Key which needs to be entered to view the data. This is optional.

In a browser paste the URL and it will ask for the assigned Access Key if this was configured.

Once the Access key has been entered click on Submit.

The Full Dashboard will now be available and is interactive if the underlying account has the right access rights within Cogmotive Reports itself. The Data in the dashboard will refresh according to your data collection schedule (usually once every 24 hours)

The dashboard will pick up new data as the data is re collected.

If the dashboard is no longer needed it can be unpublished using the same UI.

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