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How to restrict which reports a user can access

As a GSX 365 Usage Reporting administrator you can restrict which reports other users in your company can access.

To modify a user account firstly log in to the reporting application as an Administrator.

Now click the User Management link in the left hand navigation menu or at the top of the screen.  This will show you all the users with access to your Office 365 Reporting application.

Click the Modify button next to the user account you wish to edit.

Note: You can only restrict reports for User accounts, not other Admin accounts.

To restrict the reports that this user can access simply tick the reports they require in the Access Control section of the Modify page.

Once you have selected the reports the user should be able to access click the Save Access Settings button below the Access Control section.

Next time the user logs in they will not see any of the reports which you have un-ticked.  If they user is currently logged in they will need to log out and back in again for these changes to take effect.

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