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How to save a filter

If you need to apply the same filters to your reports regularly, you can save the filters you have configured, so that they’re predefined and immediately available. This makes the process quicker and more convenient.

To save a filter:

  1. Apply all the filters you require. If you need help filtering your reports, you can find it here
  2. Then click the floppy disk icon next to the ‘Predefined Filter’ box.
  3. You can either save the file as a new filter, or you can overwrite an existing filter if you need to. Once you’ve named your filter, decide whether you would like to share it with all the other users in your tenant. If so, make sure you check the box below before you click ‘Save Filter’.
  4. Your filter should now be available in the drop-down menu. You can delete a filter by clicking the delete icon next to the menu. 

Alongside the Audit Timeline, there are also a number of other reports for specific activity types, such as ‘Failed Events’, ‘Sharing and Access Requests’, and ‘File and Folder Operations’.

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