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Scheduling a Report

All of your reports can be configured to be automatically emailed out to one or more recipients using the Scheduling functionality.

Any modifications or filtering you have done to the report will appear in the emailed report.

Start by clicking the Schedule button on the right hand side above the data table.

You can now provide a name, description and add one or more recipients who will receive the report.

Finally, select the format you wish the report to be sent in from the drop down list.  You can choose either CSV or PDF formats. By default, a CSV file will be delimited by a comma. This can be changed to a semi-colon or a pipe by selecting from the Delimiter drop-down box that appears when the CSV option is selected.

When you click the Next button you will have the option to choose the schedule of the report.

The options available are:

  • Once only at a specified time and date
  • Every date at a specified time
  • Certain days of the week at a specified time
  • Certain days of the month at a specified time
  • Every X Months at a specified time

Choose the schedule you would like and click the Schedule button.

You can view a list of your scheduled reports and modify the existing schedules by clicking the Saved Reports link in the navigation menu.

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