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GSX Server Guard End of Development (FAQ)

This article lists the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the end of development for our GSX Server Guard product.

Below, we believe we answer all the questions you may have about the decision that was taken and the impact it may have on your GSX Server Guard implementation. This said, you can always open a ticket with us in case you need more details or have subsequent questions that have not been addressed in our FAQ. We remain just one message away!

GSX Server Guard 7.7+

Why did Martello/GSX decided to stop updating Server Guard? 

To continue focusing on what is critical to our clients we have decided to concentrate our efforts on Gizmo for Office 365 Hybrid. We have been recognized in the market as a Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) leader for Office 365 and we want to ensure that you continue to get the best across your digital experiences monitoring.  

Therefore, the Server Guard for Domino will not see any new updates in the future. We will still be supporting our clients on the existing versions released so far, but no new development will be happening on the Server Guard code. 


What can I use my maintenance/subscription for? 

As we are still providing active Support on the product the maintenance/subscription keeps providing you access with our Support team for any questions or issues you encounter on the existing versions of Server Guard. 


What is the end of Support date for Server Guard? 

Currently, we continue on supporting all existing implementations of Server Guard.

We do not have a specific date for an “end of support” date or “End of Life” (EOL) date. We will make sure to communicate this to you as early as possible so that you can adapt. 


Will Server Guard be compatible with Domino 11? 

Domino 11 is unfortunately not supported by the latest version of Server Guard. Nonetheless, GSX Monitor is fully compatible with Domino 11, so we would be happy to help you get the most out of it to help with the transition. 


Can I continue using my Server Guard version? 

Yes, although it is not compatible with Domino 11, Server Guard is still supported by our teams and you can use it for any other Domino version you are still leveraging in your organization.

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