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How to Move the Control Manager database from SQL Express to SQL Server

If you've installed GSX Gizmo using SQL Express and you want to move your database to a dedicated SQL Server (Full Version), this article will show you how to move the Control Manager database from SQL Express to SQL Server Standard or SQL Server Enterprise. We will use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to perform the database move.

GSX Gizmo Amsterdam CU1 + | SQL Express 2012+ | SQL Server 2012 Standard+


Here we will detach the Control Manager database from SQL Express and attach it to SQL Server using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:

    1. From the SQL Express station, install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
    2. Stop the following Windows Services:
      • GSX Analytics
      • GSX Robot Manager proxy
      • or execute the following PowerShell command as Administrator:
        Get-Service GSX* | Stop-Service
    3. Open SSMS and connect to the SQL Express Instance with credentials that have full access.
    4. Expand the SQL Server - Databases.
    5. Right click on your Gizmo database, in our example it is gsxdb.
    6. Click on Tasks - Detach:
    7. Select Drop Connections and Update Statistics so that all existing Connections are dropped:
    8. Copy the following database files to the new SQL Server:
      • gsxdb.mdf
      • gsxdb.ldf
        • The default file location of the SQL Server is: \Program Files\ Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL<Version>.<InstanceID>\MSSQL\DATA
        • The default file location of the SQL Server Express is: \Program Files\ Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL<Version>.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA
    9. Open SSMS and connect to the new SQL Server Instance.
    10. On the left pane, right-click on Databases, then select Attach...
    11. Click on Add:
    12. Choose the .mdf database created in step 8 and click OK:

Once the Database is successfully attached, configure GSX Gizmo to connect to the new Database:

  1. On GSX Gizmo server, go to http://localhost:9005/
  2. Update the MS SQL Database section with new SQL information and validate with the Test Database Connection button:

The GSX Gizmo Control Manager database is now moved to SQL Server Full Version.

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