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How to Check the Robot Manager Prerequisites for GSX Gizmo Boston version

Following this article allows to check the GSX Robot host is properly configured and meeting all prerequisites to properly run GSX Gizmo Boston version.

We ensure the machine is ready by running a PowerShell script to verify the .NET Framework version, Visual C++, the PowerShell version and Execution policy.

Gizmo Boston | Robot Manager

A GSX Robot Manager sends data to RabbitMQ running on the Gizmo server. It also sends and receives data from the IIS server. The following network flow should be available before the installation. 

Source  Direction Destination Protocol Port
Robot Manager <--> Gizmo IIS TCP 80
Robot Manager --> Gizmo RabbitMQ TCP 5672


Download and execute a PowerShell script to check the host machine is ready:

  1. Download the CheckRobotPrerequisites.ps1 PowerShell script.
  2. Open PowerShell as Administrator.
  3. Navigate to the script location in PowerShell:
  4. Run CheckRobotPrerequisites.ps1.
  5. The script validates all required prerequisites are met on the robot machine, highlighting any that are missing.


Now that all the prerequisites are met, follow this article to install GSX Gizmo Boston.


Prerequisites validated:

  • .NET Framework version:
    • Version 4.6.2 minimum.
  • PowerShell version:
    • Version 4 minimum.
  • PowerShell x86 Execution policy:
    • Remote Signed or Unrestricted
  • Visual C++
    • 2015 Redistributable X86 minimum.

Example of Output:

All prerequisites in place:

Missing prerequisites:

Now that all the prerequisites are met, follow this article to install GSX Gizmo Boston.


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