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How to Install a Robot Manager and Deploy its Associated Workers for GSX Gizmo Boston

This procedure explains how to install the GSX Robot Manager on the robot machine. We will also deploy the essential Robot Workers scan configurations. Finally, we set the Robot Manager's geographic location used in our PowerBI dashboards.

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First we will need to download the Robot Manager installation zip from the Gizmo Server. Then we will execute the PowerShell commands to deploy the Robot Workers and finally set the Robot Manager location.

Downloading and installing the Robot Manager

  1. Logon the Robot host machine.
    • Use this article to check the Robot Manager Prerequisites.
  2. Open a browser and enter URL http://<hostname>/downloads/Gsx.RobotManager.zip
    • where <hostname> is the FQDN of your Gizmo Server.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, select Show in folder at the bottom of your browser window.
  4. Right-click the newly downloaded file and select Properties.
  5. Select Unblock if file blocking is present:
  6. Extract the zip file to a temporary folder.
  7. Open PowerShell ISE x86 as Administrator.
    • x86 version is mandatory
  8. Type the following command:
    • Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  9. In PowerShell ISE use File - Open to select Install-GSXRobotManager.ps1 from the extracted folder location.
  10. Click OK to accept the defaults for hostname and virtual host.


Deploying the essential Robot Workers

  1. Logon the GSX Gizmo Server machine.
  2. Open the GSX PowerShell Console located on the desktop.
  3. Type the following command: 
    • Deploy-GsxAllRobot
    • This command deploys the essential Robot Workers scan configurations:
      • Exchange Online
      • DNS
      • OneDrive
      • Teams Voice
      • etc.


Setting the Robot Manager's Location

To display the Robot Manager location in the PowerBI Dashboards:

  1. Open the GSX PowerShell Console located on the desktop.
  2. Type the following command:
    • Get-GSXRobotManager
  3. Copy the GUID for the Robot Manager you want to set the location of.
    • "78b50ba7-68s9v489s-savdq235" in our example
  4. Type the following command:
    • Set-GsxRobotManagerLocation -RobotManagerGuid "GUID from step 3 above" -LocationName "Cityname or Country"
      • example: Set-GsxRobotManagerLocation -RobotManagerGuid "78b50ba7-68s9v489s-savdq235" -LocationName "London"
  5. Hit the Enter key.
  6. Type the following command to verify that the location has applied successfully:
    • Get-GSXRobotManager

You now have the essential Robot Workers deployed and running every five minutes with a set location for the Robot Manager.

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